JPEG2000 package

This software package is our initial JPEG2000 release, consisting of three applications (plus a formally described metadata XML schema):

JVSview – a viewer application capable of viewing both local and remote JPEG2000 virtual slides
JVSserv – a JPIP server for remote serving of JPEG2000 virtual slides
JVScomp – a compression application for creating optimally parameterised JPEG2000 virtual slides
JVSschema – a metadata XML schema for the JVS software

JP2 WSI Converter – a free virtual slide (whole-slide image) JPEG2000 conversion tool

DICOM package

This software package provides a way to link virtual slides with DICOM by using JPIP. It consists of three applications capable of converting and transmitting JPIP-linked JPEG2000 virtual slides as well as conventional DICOM imagery (such as radiological):

JVSdicom Compressor – a compression application for creating JPIP-linked JPEG2000 virtual slides
JVSdicom Server – a DICOM PACS server application
JVSdicom Workstation – a DICOM PACS client application

Automated virtual slide processing

LargeMontage – a stitching application for creating large image montages
DirObserver – a controller application for automated virtual slide acquisition

Quantitative image analysis

ImmunoMembrane – a web application for analyzing HER2 immunohistochemistry
ImmunoMembrane (ImageJ plugin) – a plugin version for ImageJ

ImmunoRatio – a web application for analyzing ER, PR, and Ki-67 immunohistochemistry
ImmunoRatio (ImageJ plugin) – a plugin version for ImageJ

Skeleton Intersections (ImageJ plugin) – detection algorithm for binary skeleleton image intersections