JVScomp JPEG2000 compression application

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JVScomp is a command line-based JPEG2000 virtual slide compression application capable of creating virtual slides that are optimised for viewing and serving with JVSview and JVSserv. JVScomp is designed to handle very large images (larger than the conventional 4 GB limit) and convert them into a compressed, wavelet-based image format (either JPEG2000 or ECW).

Compression parameterization is fixed, excluding the compression ratio. The parameters are optimized for very large images and they are suitable for online streaming and fast random spatial accessing. The user specified compression ratio will be treated as a guideline for the compression engine. If the image to be compressed has plenty of areas that are conductive to compression (e.g., areas of plain color), a greater compression ratio may be achieved while keeping the desired quality on areas that contain more information.

JVScomp is written in C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The source code (only with JVScomp 1.x) includes a project solution file. JVScomp can be run on a Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP/Vista environments with 32-bit or 64-bit architecture. In addition, the application uses three external libraries, which are included in the source package. The software depends on the following libraries:


  • Optimised parameterisation for virtual microscopy
  • Efficient rate control policy for virtual microscopy
  • Support for dual-processor environments
  • Support for the following input file formats: PPM, BMP, JPEG, JPEG2000, ECW, and TIFF (with BigTIFF support)



This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. You can use it freely for non-commercial purposes. As of version 2.0, JVScomp cannot be shared with the GNU GPL license anymore (due to ER Mapper’s and Leica’s renewed licensing policy). See the LICENSE.txt accompanied with the program for more details.

Download JVScomp (version 2.1, 7.4.2008)

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Note: Please download and install the Visual Studio 2005 (SP1) Redistributable package prior to running JVScomp.

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Supported input formats

  • BMP – uncompressed, 24-bit
  • ECW – all variants
  • JPEG – 24-bit
  • JPEG2000 – all variants
  • PPM – binary encoded, 24-bit
  • TIFF – non-tiled, 24-bit RGB with either PackBits, LZW, or no compression (BifTIFF support included)

Supported output formats

  • ECW – lossy, proprietary format, see ER Mapper for more details
  • JPEG2000 – lossless or lossy, untiled, RPCL progression order, plenty of DWT levels, 1 quality layer, relatively small precincts, end of packet header (EPH) markers enabled


JVScomp is used from command line by using the following syntax:

JVScomp.exe ...
-i Input file
-o Output file
-c (n) Target compression ratio, range 1-100

Additional options:
-d Delete the input file after
successful compression
-v Display version information

Note: when using JPEG2000 as the output format, setting the compression ratio to 1:1 will yield a lossless compression. The actual compression ratio will be in the range from 2:1 to 2.5:1.