JPEG2000 Virtual Slide microscope

This website presents our research group's work in the field of digital pathology and virtual microscopy. Our group has developed JPEG2000-based software consisting of image compression, viewing, and network server applications, all suited for the needs of virtual microscopy. We have also released software for linking virtual slides with the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard. Our latest research projects describe web applications (ImmunoRatio and ImmunoMembrane) for the automated image analysis of ER, PR, Ki-67, and HER2 immunostained breast cancer slides.

All our software is freely downloadable and usable, and can be tested using the virtual slide examples located in our public servers.

Recent additions

28.9.2012 We have now put a whole new server in to service. With this new server we also introduce a feature for viewing virtual slides in web browsers. You can test it here.
25.9.2012 imtmicroscope is now up again.
25.9.2012 Due to a hardware failure imtmicroscope has been down since yesterday morning. We should be able to get it back online soon.
27.6.2012 A new virtual slide scanner has been taken into routine use. See scanner specifications and performance estimates on this page.
14.6.2012 The free virtual slide (whole-slide image) JPEG2000 conversion tool, JP2 WSI Converter, published.
13.6.2012 Our presentations and abstracts from the 11th European Congress on Telepathology and 5th International Congress on Virtual Microscopy available.
4.5.2012 The PhD thesis of Vilppu Tuominen is now available: Virtual Microscopy: Design and Implementation of Novel Software Applications for Diagnostic Pathology
8.7.2011 ImmunoMembrane web application for digital image analysis of HER2 immunohistochemistery opened for public use

Contact information

Jorma Isola, professor, MD, PhD (email)
University of Tampere, Institute of Biosciences and Medical Technology, Tampere, Finland

Vilppu Tuominen, PhD (email)
University of Tampere, Institute of Biosciences and Medical Technology, Tampere, Finland